The beginning of it all…

Hans Utoft, born December 6 1940, founded the company Fix-on in November 1965. In the first few years, Hans Utoft was a salesman for a shirt manufacturer in Herning while he was also selling his own products. Initially, the newly started company was housed in Vestergade in Give, but in 1967 the company moved to new rooms at Kornvej. At this factory, Hans Utoft initially produced outerwear and dresses for children. In the small factory all production took place, besides the actual sewing of the products. Here, Hans Utoft drove around with textiles for the area’s home screeners, and delivered piles of cut pieces. The coming week he came by and picked up the finished sewing products, at the same time to hand in a new portion for sewing in the coming week. At home at the factory, the products were finished and then delivered to the dealers.

In 1968, Hans Utoft was married to Ruth Utoft, who then joined the company as help and support for her husband. Ruth Utoft was responsible for bookkeeping and administration, but also helped in production and packing if necessary.

In the early years, it took a lot of effort to get a part of the market. This made Hans Utoft, who was both a salesman and responsible for production and warehouse, began to think of an easier way to run the business. So already in 1973 Hans Utoft was among the first to outsource production to the East, more specifically Hong Kong. This opened the door to many new opportunities, among other things in the form of expansion of the company’s range, which ensured the company’s competitiveness in the following years. In 1976, Hans Utoft chose to close the company’s own production and focus exclusively on imports of goods from the Far East. While the company underwent this development, a new building was built on the neighboring ground, which formed the framework for the company until 1988. Then the company moved to the current premises at Bæksgårdvej.

In the following years, Hans Utoft began to entrust the responsibility and ownership of the company more and more to the sons Claus and Michael Utoft. There has never been a generation shift – it just came out of the way.

Today UTOFT KIDS GROUP is still a family owned company.


UTOFT KIDS GROUP was founded by Hans Utoft in 1965.

The first collections consisted of children’s outerwear under the name FIX-ON.

Production took place in Denmark, partly on self-owned factories and partly with the help of home seamstresses.
In 1972, Hans Utoft was among the first to outsource production to China.
The sons, Claus and Michael Utoft joined the family business in 1988.
The first FIXONI collection was launched in 1992.
In 2000, UTOFT KIDS GROUP A/S started working with private label customers.
In 2007, Michael Utoft devoted himself to the further development of the family’s real estate company
In 2010 UTOFT KIDS GROUP presented the new label, YOU KIDS.
The children’s shoe brand, EN FANT, was added to the brand portfolio in 2012
In 2014, the company expanded the brand portfolio with the new label, small rags. At the same time the EN FANT brand expanded with a clothing line. These new initiatives were launched in 2015.
In 2016, the basic-brand Nordic Label was added to the company brand portfolio.
The 2nd of May 2018 the founder of UTOFT KIDS GROUP, Hans Utoft, died.


Our mission at UTOFT KIDS GROUP is continuously to design and produce valuable children’s wear. In combining fashion with function we provide a range of clothing and footwear, loved by children as well as their parents. We focus on quality and comfort in our colorful designs.

By constantly developing the concept, UTOFT KIDS GROUP will be known throughout Europe as a supplier of high quality baby- and children’s wear. With an honest image, UTOFT KIDS GORUPs ambition is to build a reputation of credibility and seriousness around the company and its employees. We constantly strive to provide flexibility in our cooperation with customers.