Small Rags as a brand is aimed at parents who are searching for a cool and casual look for their children where every single piece of clothes helps to underline the overall style and elevate the final look and bringing that extra something special.

One of the key elements in the Small Rags Universe is the ragdoll Mr. Rags who often is seen in print and unique details. Mr. Rags is home made with a ‘worn’ look and he is missing an eye but he is very much loved and cherished. Mr. Rags lives a carefree life and is never afraid to try new things and have new experiences. Just like how we feel children should experience and see the world.

Mr. Rags is both curious about life and adventurous which is also reflected through the collections where it become clear that everything is created with an exploring open mind and a curiosity that gives Small Rags that familiar edge.

The exploratory and playful approach is also clearly reflected in the collections’ wide selection of qualities, color choices and in the many details. The colors are always bold and there is room for working with post processing and different washes that give each style just the right look and finish. There are also always new and exciting prints and applications in each collection.In the early days of Small Rags, the brand took off with inspiration from the DIY trend and the hipster fashion where an outfit should look randomly casual – but in the right way. Today the Small Rags brand has been further developed and now speaks to those who love a more courageous and exploratory look and style.Small rags will always suit you, if you are looking for a cool, casual and informal look that always have a trendy edge that really puts the life into the “small rags”.